Hair Products I Use Everyday

May 13, 2019

 I'm very serious about my hair care routine. I don't stray away from it because I've found what I've liked. It would take a lot for me to try something new at this point. I like the Redken All Soft Mega range and have tried everything except the masks. The conditioner and the hydramelt are plenty hydrating so I don't feel like I need a mask when I use this range. The oil I use is also very hydrating, so again, a mask really isn't needed.

Another plus about Redken is that it can be used on Redken color treated hair. My hair stylist uses Redken color on me so the shampoos/conditioners are formulated to be used with their color.


I also use a Tangle Teezer because it is so great for combing through wet hair post shower. It makes it so easy to comb my previously bleached hair.


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Redken shampoo // Redken conditioner // Redken hydramelt // Moroccan Oil // Tangle Teezer

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