Follow Friday: YouTube Edition

April 27, 2019

I did a post about which YouTubers and bloggers I like to follow, and I got some good feedback on it, so I thought I would do another one! YouTube is one of my main forms of entertainment so why not share what I like to watch? I'll share my one of my favorite videos of theirs as well as their Instagram below!

1. Brooke Miccio - Brooke is someone that I genuinely want to be best friends with! I feel like we're definitely friends in my head, right? She is so sweet and has it all together, so I love watching her vlogs and watching her be successful in life. She recently announced she's moving to Boston for her new full-time job! So exciting! Instagram: @brookemiccio

2. Lisa Eldridge - If you aren't watching Lisa Eldridge, what are you doing with your life!? She's seriously the queen of makeup and she is so inspiring. I love her so much! She even released a jewelry line and most recently, new lipsticks. Go check out her YouTube channel! Her videos are so informative. Instagram: @lisaeldridgemakeup

3. In The Frow (Victoria Magrath) - Victoria is so lovely to watch. She is so informative about fashion and lifestyle, and her Instagram is absolutely breathtaking. You can tell how hard she and her fiance work to take the most beautiful photos! Also, she's the author of The New Fashion Rules, a wonderful book I got for Christmas this past year. Instagram: @inthefrow

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My name is Allison and I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Can't wait for you to get to know me through my blog! Enjoy!

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