My Favorite Bloggers to Follow

March 5, 2019

I follow a lot of bloggers, but there are only some where I subscribe to their posts and read each one they put up. A lot of bloggers look and act the same, but the ones I follow consistently are ones that are different and put up really interesting, unique content. I hope you enjoy this list and maybe consider following them!

                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Wix

1. Carly Heitlinger -


Carly is one of the most sweet, down to earth bloggers out there. She is so nice and definitely is great at creating new, innovative content. I feel like we would definitely be friends in real life. Can't say enough good things about her. Instagram: @carly


2. Julia Engel -


Let me get it out of the way by saying Julia is absolutely stunning, inside and out. She actually has her own clothing line, also named Gal Meets Glam, and is an extremely successful blogger. She always puts together the most chic, classic outfits. She's just slaying the game, enough said. Instagram: @juliahengel


3. Shelby Ditch -


The word that best describes Shelby has to be "helpful." She is like the sister I never had, and is always sharing skincare and fashion tips. Bonus, she is a fellow KC girl! I love the way Shelby talks to her followers. She's just so genuine and kind. Instagram: @shelb_ditch


4. Rachel Parcell -


Rachel is someone who is two steps ahead of the game in terms of blogging. She knows exactly what her readers want to see and is such a savvy business woman. She also owns her own clothing line, called Rachel Parcell, and it was just announced today that it will now be exclusively sold at Nordstrom! I can't wait. Instagram: @rachparcell


5. Lucy -


Lucy is one that I've just recently discovered in the past few months. She is a fellow college student and she is such a down to earth, sweet gal. She is always great about coming up with smart, new post ideas and is so helpful to someone who is on a budget (um...definitely me!) We definitely have similar style as well. Instagram: @dailydoseof_prep


I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know if you would like this to become a regular things where I share accounts I'm loving!


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My name is Allison and I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Can't wait for you to get to know me through my blog! Enjoy!

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