The Duchess of Cambridge Style

February 17, 2019

Tonight I'm back with another post about the royal family. I love Kate Middleton. She is remarkable, between her charity work and being a mother to three young children. On top of all that, she does it all in incredibly stylish clothes. Below I've included four photos of my favorite Kate outfits. These outfits cost a ton of money and generally are not able to be bought online, so I won't be able to link any of these. But, you can get some inspiration from them!


For example, you could try pairing a pencil skirt with an embellished blouse, or finding a similar lilac dress. Maybe a pale blue pencil skirt paired with a pale blue top could even work too. It's just about taking inspiration and buying things that are similar.

This post was created with Canva instead of Photoshop like the previous ones. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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