YouTubers I Consistently Watch

January 7, 2019

I thought I would share the YouTubers I consistently watch. Utilizing YouTube as entertainment can be informative and useful, but also enjoyable. I watch mainly beauty channels, so I hope you are into beauty as much as I am! Self proclaimed product junkie right here! Under each listed YouTuber is a favorite video of mine that they have posted. (These are listed in no particular order.)



1.) Matilda

Matilda is probably my absolute favorite of all time. You can tell she is highly dedicated to her channel, consistently uploading once to twice a week, which I love and appreciate. Matilda is a product junkie just like me, which is why I assume she decides to put the products as the focus of her channel. She is concise, telling you everything you need to know in a somewhat short period of time. She is smart and thorough, as she displays a huge amount of product knowledge in her videos! I mean, a ton of knowledge is displayed on her channel and it's remarkable. Her entire channel is just remarkable, really. (Bonus, she has an Aussie accent that is just darling.) Instagram: @matildaonvideo



2.) Allana Davison

Okay, Allana is just one unbelievably stunning person. I love her because she is into that easy, simplistic, "cool girl" makeup that is achievable for every woman. Allana is absolutely radiant in every single way, from her goofy personality to her absolutely gorgeous Instagram posts. You can't go wrong with watching Allana Davison, as she is consistent in her uploading, is constantly uploading new and innovative content, and will make you laugh your socks off. Can I just be her already? Funny, smart, Canadian, and gorgeous, everything I want to be, Allana Davison already is. Instagram: @allanaramaa



3.) Shelbey Wilson

If you aren't watching Shelbey, you are missing out on this absolutely beautiful Southern pro-makeup goddess. Nothing can compare to the makeup looks Shelbey creates, as they are original and just flat-out beautiful. Shelbey can specifically create a bridal look that will make you want to get married tomorrow, just so you can recreate the makeup look. She is the queen of bridal, in my opinion, and she just has the kindest heart. I've had the opportunity to interact with her in the comments and she is just so sweet. Instagram: shelbey_wilson



4.) Karima McKimmie

Okay, I think I just love Aussies in general because Karima is another Aussie I just had to add to this list. Karima doesn't post a ton on YouTube but the videos she does have are definitely the best of the best. No one compares to Karima's ability to make skin look expensive. Yeah, skin looking expensive, that's a real thing! She is also one that has the sweetest heart and understands that makeup isn't about covering, it's about making yourself feel beautiful. Less is more, in her opinion, and I love that about her. Karima is just brilliant and is incredibly knowledgeable with products, which is why I love her. Bonus, she's a college (or uni as they call it down under!) student just like me, so I can relate to her on so many levels. Instagram: karimamckimmie



5.) Melissa Alatorre 

Pro-makeup queen Melissa is one that is so experienced in the makeup field, you can't help but just want to watch all of her videos at once. Plus, she is so beautiful, you're going to want to follow all of her tutorials and cut some bangs just to look a little similar to her. Melissa is great at coming up with innovative content that her viewers want to see. Another thing I love about her is that she loves her subscribers and interacts with them all the time. She is unbelievably talented in so many ways besides makeup, as she is super into working out and being healthy, so I would say she's a great source of motivation as well. Motivation and makeup, what else could you want? Instagram: @alatorreee



Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment with what you would like to see next! Also, leave a comment if you already watch some of these fabulous YouTubers! 

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My name is Allison and I love all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Can't wait for you to get to know me through my blog! Enjoy!

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